Much to Kelsey's chagrin...

I have declared it Johnny Cash Weekend here at the Bohlender house. Right now I'm sitting on the futon looking out the dining room window, listening to "I Walk the Line" as I stare out the dining room window at the neighbor's immaculately maintained lawn (selectively overlooking my own lawn, which, conveniently, was quite dead when we moved in...). Next up: "A Boy Named Sue." You just do not get this sort of culture anywhere but in the middle of country music. I have laughed all week as Johnny's history has been claimed by everything from heavy metal to jazz stars. Sorry, but when the stocking cap wearing artist with an endorsement from a skateboard company insists that Johnny Cash was one of his primary influences as a child, I want to yell "Pu-leeeeeeeeeez!".

The kitchen smells of the universal hang-out food (manwhich). In forty minutes or so, we'll be flooded with Cincy VCC / IHOP refugees with bags of chips and other goodies in hand, coming to hang out for the afternoon. We'll swap stories of what we're learning and what we'd do for a pint of Graeters.

Grayson has captured a worm from a sidewalk puddle this morning and is quite entertained with his new pet. A few minutes ago he came in to the house to announce that he'd already given it swimming and dancing lessons. I am not quite sure how the worm feels about it.

Kelsey started her Eschatology class last night and came home with her head swimming. I was looking at her notes and the accomanying glossarary - fascinating stuff. I'm looking forward to the mental spill-over from what she's learning.

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