late night, well spent...

Last night we gathered friends, old and new, over two large roasters of Kelsey's killer italian beef, a red-meat and hot-pepper ensemble geared to warm the coldest hearts. Rusty & Jen Geverdt and their three children joined Billy & Marybeth Humphrey and their three children and Kelsey and I and our three children along with our friend Josh and my mom. It was a houseful, and a pile of fun. The kids played on the trampoline until the darkness/safety rule kicked in (I probably don't need to explain that one to you) then moved down to the basement to play while the adults sat around the table for hours.

Billy & Marybeth moved here 2 weeks after we did. They're from Atlanta, where Billy youth pastored before coming here. In all practicality, 2 weeks is like 2 minutes here, so we enjoy comparing notes with the Humphreys' and Geverdts' on what we're learning.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be heading east towards Cincinnati for the fall Servant Evangelism Weekend Intensive at VCC. We'll hang with friends a day or so, then I'll teach Friday and Saturday at the Vineyard and Sunday AM at Cobblestone Community in Oxford, Ohio. The boys are excited to go see their friends. It will be interesting to see how their memory of a place compares with reality. Sometimes going home is harder than staying away.

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