I've been reading "The Final Battle" by Rick Joyner - it's a story form of a series of prophetic encounters that he had some years back that comes off something like Lord of the Rings. In one scene he is transported to heaven for a face to face encounter with Jesus. The encounter leaves him glowing - Christ's radiance has had such an effect on him that his clothes shine brightly. Then, Wisdom gives him a very plain cloak to wear over the glowing clothes. He's confused, wondering why he'd want to cover this up...he says that the cloak makes him look more like a homeless person than a child of the king. Wisdom answers:

"The Lord is closer to the homeless than to kings. You only have true strength to the degree that you walk in the grace of God, and He gives His grace to the humble. No weapen can penetrate this mantle, because nothing can overpower His grace. As long as you wear this mantle you are safe from this kind of attack."

Only in the Kingdom of Heaven do the mighty warriors look like the poor of the earth.

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