Home again...

Yesterday I drove to Macomb, Illinois to meet with the good folks from the Macomb Vineyard about being an outward focused church. I brought Josh Cone along for conversation and to share driving duties. Jackson rode along for comic relief. Somewhere northeast of Kingdom City, Missouri, Jackson announced "I have never seen so much corn in all my life!"

The Macomb Vineyard is situated wonderfully on a corner near Western Illinois University. I spoke to their leaders on Saturday night and to the entire church on Sunday morning. Following a Subway feast, we made our way across the intersection to a small pond where the WIU fraternities were holding their annual cardboard boat race. We gave out 3 coolers of bottled water in no time flat, then returned to the Vineyard for some ice cream before heading back towards Kansas City.

On the road home we had a bit of a strange encounter...we stopped at a convenience store to grab something to drink. Josh and I were standing on the sidwalk waiting for Jackson to get out of the truck, when someone walked by us carry what appeared to Josh and I to be a package wrapped in oily rags...and out of the package was something that looked like dynomite! Then, the guy got to the door of the convenience store, lit the fuse and walked in!

Josh and I took one glance at each other and beat feet for the truck without saying a word. Jackson (who hadn't had time to get out) kept saying "what's going on!" as we ripped out of the parking lot, fully expecting the whole place to blow sky high any moment. We waited a while and nothing happened, so it's hard telling what the heck was going on, but whatever it was...it was weird! We went elsewhere for our drinks...

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