early monday morning thoughts....

This weekend was marked by an almost constant rain that started on Friday afternoon and only this morning abated into a fine mist. We spent the weekend indoors...Friday night with guests at our home, then Saturday afternoon over at the Geverdts with other Cincinnatians in exile. :) A good portion of yesterday was devoted to playing with the boys. I learned a few things. 1) Greed takes root early. Once the big boys (10 & 6) grabbed on to the idea of forcing others to pay huge rental fees, the game of Monopoly became very interesting. 2) I can usually whoop them on Dreamcasts' Tony Hawk Pro Skater. For a life-long non-athlete, this things are important.

This morning I'm finishing up the book of Acts and this struck me about Paul's interview with the ruler, Felix. Paul was sharing the truth of who Jesus was, when the following is recorded:

Acts 24:25
Felix was afraid and said "That's enough for now! You may leave. When I find it convenient, I will send for you.

What a telling phrase. When I find it convenient. Everyone's looking for an encounter with God. Perhaps not in so many words, but they're searching. They may think of it as soul-searching, as trying to find their place in the universe, or as trying to connect with some sort of inner source, but in essence, it's a search for meaning, which ultimately becomes a search for God. Not unlike Felix, we're looking, but we want to find it when I find it convenient.

The Creator of the universe holds a timetable to His heart. On it is written the plans He has for all He has created. The only variable is whether or not we choose to partner with Him in those plans. This partnering often means a total disruption of our lives. The later in life we wait to join the partnership, the greater the disruption seems to be. It will never be convenient. It will be the answer to the great search of life. Truth is expensive, but pays a high dividend. Buy in now.

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