We're still getting our house in order, so after some time in the prayer room I headed home to assemble the trampoline for the boys. That thing's spooky - very few bolts, almost entirely held together by the tension of the springs. A lawsuit waiting to happen.

Afterwords I headed to Olathe (20 minutes west) to help man a book table for Steve Sjogren - he was speaking at a large Nazarene pastors gathering (clarification: the gathering was large...the pastors varied in size). As always, good to see Steve and his traveling buddy, Jeff. Mental note to Steve and others: Nazarenes are traditionally a suit-wearing tribe.

Enroute home Kels and I heard about the massive power outage in NYC. I called my friend Leslie who lives in Manhattan...couldn't reach him, so I called a mutual friend in San Francisco, who told me that Les' wife, Cory, was at JFK. Cory's plane was going nowhere (it was intended for Reno, where she was preparing for Burning Man). Finally caught Les an hour later or so - he said he walked the 40 blocks from work to his apartment and that the streets were teeming with people. A very strange vibe. He was camped out with the few candles they had left (most were shipped to Nevada!). If Cory ever gets home from JFK, perhaps they'll fly out together (he was going in a few days).

I'll be thinking of the eastern seaboard as it gets dark tonight. Sometimes it's good to live in the midwest. We rarely loot during emergencies. Maybe because most of our emergencies are snow-related.

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