Today is our staff prayer/fasting day. You might think it funny for a 24/7 prayer movement to dictate a staff day for this, but we're like everyone else: done long eneough, anything can become routine.

On Tuesdays, in addition to fasting, the staff gathers from 10 AM - Noon and again 4 PM - 6 PM to corporately pray for the churches of Kansas City and also the people of Israel. From where I'm sitting, I see about 400 singing, dancing, pouring out their hearts as Misty Edwards leads a soulful "Better is One Day". I believe her.

It's coming to my conscienceness that I have joined an army. Not militant in the sense of physically dnagerous, but definetly spiritually potent. If vibrant young hearts turn God's heart, then this space sends it spinning. I turned 36 last week and am on the semi-secret list of Old Turds around here.

Sorry this is so short. Gotta march.

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