Sunday Morning Thoughts

Okay, I've never used my blog to reveal particularly personal thoughts...it's just not my style to do a brain dump online...but this morning, I'm making an exception. I will reveal online what find hard to say out loud, even to myself. I will italicize the revalation to further emphasis the pain with which I say it, and to add a bit of literary drama. Add a drumroll in your heads, please: I may be beginning to like Kansas City.

After living in Cincinnati for so long, just saying that seems extremely disloyal. In her fragile state, Cincinnati cannot take another blow like this. Especially considering the perpetual crisis of identity that Cincinnati lives in. ("We're Porkopolis! We're the home of the Underground Railroad AND race riots! We're North Northern Kentucky!") However, after long love affair with Cincinnati, I believe she'll survive if my eye wanders a bit. Therefore, I give my list of things I like about KC. So far.

1) A Street Grid.
KC is laid out perfectly square, so much so that Blind Willie could navigate this town no problem. All you need to do is realize that, at least in our area, 101st is north of 105th, 105th is south of 107th, 107th is north of 150th, and 150th is within spitting distance of the Rio Grande. Cincinnati's rule of navigation was "do I take 71 or 75?"

2) Professional Sports Fans
What I mean by that is people are really jazzed about the Royals and Chiefs. KCers say "Professional Football" without a goofy grin. The stadiums are decent and (more importantly) paid for, or closer to it. They share a parking lot out in the suburbs where land was cheap. Go figure.

3) The Kansas City Star
I am/was a fan of the Enquirer, but I'm growing to love this newspaper. Great features. No Jim Borgeman, though. Or Peter Bronson.

4) Friendly Neighbors
Cincinnatians are notoriously polite, but sometimes that hinders us. We don't want to go say "howdy" to the guy next door mowing his lawn because it would be an intrusion. Most of our social interaction consisted of muttering "please...." when we didn't hear something, or politely waiting for the other guy at the 4 way stop, allowing traffic to back up. The second day in KC was trash day. I took the trash out and two neighbors burst out of their doors to meet me at the curb. Granted, it might have been morbid curiousity about this earinged bald guy who moved in, but at least I know their names and they know mine. The next day, the neighbor brought a card and potted plant. The day after, another neighbor brought zuchini bread. I love the midwest.

All this to say I really miss Cinci. You cannot get chili on spaghetti in this town. Or Graeters. There are other glaring shortcomings, too...but for now, KC is home. And we'll make the best of it. Pass the BBQ.

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