Wow...I'm tired. :)

Monday morning I flew to San Francisco to spend some time hanging out with friends at the official headquarters of the Burning Man festival. It's located in a funky 10,000 square feet above a warehouse across the street from a cement plant. Corporate America, it's not. A great time was had...spent a few hours talking with Larry Harvey and recording some of it for a writing project later. Also grabbed dinner one night with one of their staffers and our own Rusty Geverdt. We went to a little Thai place off Haight. They just don't have these dives in the midwest. Great food.

It was my first trip to SF. We celebrated by upgrading the rental car to a convertable...drove it down through Chinatown, the Waterfront, across the Golden Gate and into the northern counties, catching a glimpse of Alcatraz in the fog.

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