Check the post time. It is correct. I am tired and beyond thinking. If you are looking for something profound, you may want to visit Todd Hunter, at least until we get moved to Kansas City. In fact, you probably will want to just keep visiting him. He either thinks a lot or has Ghost Thinkers who feed him posts.

We just shut down from loading Pod 1. Pod 2 awaits us tomorrow. All this after a day of SOS. The kicker was when, at 11:45 PM, Kelsey convinced me that we could move the upright freezer across the garage floor and into the Pod. Subdivision neighbors: Be assured that there is nothing suspicious about your neighbors moving a large freezer out of their house at that hour of the night.

I took a quick break this evening to run Grayson past the library, where he picked up his first library card. He is a voracious reader....well, as voracious as any six year old can be...and now he can continue the long Bohlender tradition of keeping library books out far beyond the date they were supposed to be returned. When "Library Fines" is a budgeted line-item for you, you know you've got a problem.

While at the library, I picked up a Johnny Cash CD - a 30 song, two cd set of his greatest hits. Few artists could come up with 30 hits, let alone be forced to weed some out to keep it from being a six cd boxed set. I have incredibly eclectic taste in music, and Cash harkens me back to growing up, listening to such wonders as "A Boy Named Sue" and "Ring of Fire". Listening to it tonight as we packed up, it hit me how few male pop singers today have masculine voices. Cash has this great booming voice that sounds he-man even if he's reciting poetry. He could read the phone book and make it sound profound.

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