Beyond Belief / part 2

2003 / Kansas City, Missouri

My wife and I stand in the produce section of a Kmart Superstore, somewhere between the iceberg lettuce and the organic turnips, pondering the fate of our family. A soul searching discussion between husband and wife masquerades as a trip to get groceries.

We have driven nine hours from our home in Cincinnati to talk with others about embarking on the adventure of a life time. This time we’re not jumping tires, we’re jumping financial and social constraints, leaving a fulfilling role at a large local church to partner with an international missions base called Friends of the Bridegroom for the purposes of bringing mercy acts and spiritual teaching to people across the earth. Normally a decisive person, I find myself wondering…do we make this transition or play it safe?

For the rationally gifted, the choice is a no-brainer. The church offers stability, a clear job description and a regular paycheck. Friends of the Bridegroom extends a hand of welcome and the responsibility of raising our own funds. We pedal our own bike on this ramp…cries of “Jump! Don’t jump! Jump!” echo in my ears.

Logic would tell us to stay with what we knew. Vineyard Community Church has embraced us, cared for our children, challenged us to develop as leaders, and proven itself fertile ground for a garden of friendships. No one in their right mind would leave. A rational adult would hold on to the tried and true - but suddenly I was eight years old again. I stared over the handlebars at an opportunity and something inside whispered “Believe.”

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