There's probably a law against this, and if there is, throw the book at us. We planned, we plotted, and when the time was right, we struck.

After a particularly stressful day of juggling schedules and tasks, we got the boys in bed and left Grandma in charge. Kelsey and I jumped in the SS Family Truckster and cruised through sleepy Mason, Ohio, past lawn-mowing retirees and soccer moms cleaning out their minivans. Down Kings Mills Road and take a hard left at 42.

Just past the gas station but before the Worlds Smallest Dry Cleaner, you'll find Tucker's Whippy Dip. Tuckers is undoubtably THE best ice cream dive in town. Sorry, ice cream purists who sing the praises of The Cone in West Chester. The Cone's got nothing on Tuckers. We're there with such regularity that Betsy the Ice Cream Girl waves at us when we pull in the parking lot....maybe that says something (like we eat too much Tuckers).

Sorry boys...you were sleeping. :-)

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