Last night was the second in our series of meetings this month in which we'll be sharing our vision for evangelism in the context of ministry at FOTB. The first one was tough for us, never having done that sort of thing before. Fortunately the group was very gracious and I was able to solicit some tips for how to make it go a little smoother. Last night was wonderful - a group of ten friends hearing about God's next steps in our life. It felt much more about vision and less like I was selling something. God's showing me that the vision part is what I need to own and He'll cover the bills. Right now, at 10:06 AM, I believe that. Check with me later. :)

Also in the faith-bouncing catagory...I've been lamenting to God about turning in my laptop when we leave VCC (which is odd, given my love-hate relationship with it). Last week I had a real sense of peace that God was going to provide...and yesterday a good and faithful friend told me that he's giving me one he's not using. It's perfect for what we'll need. God's good...and His people have their shining moments too!

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