Last night I spoke at Middletown's Christian Assembly. They hold a Monday night service of extended worship and teaching. It felt really good not to be ruled by the clock for a change. Funny, when I've taught at VCC, where another fifteen hundred or two thousand people are coming in thirty minutes, I've had to script my notes rediculously tight. Last night I taught for just under an hour on three 5x7 inch pages of handwritten thoughts out of my journal. It's the difference in writing a news article and telling your family a story over dinner. Both have their place, and I enjoy both...but it was fun to get back to a format that allowed some freedom with time.

Christian Assembly has been in on just about every crazy idea we've had in the last five years. They helped us church plant, and bought water for the Burning Man 2000 trip. It was only natural to talk with them about our move to KC. Everyone should have someone in their lives who embraces craziness a little bit.

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