Creative Use of Duct Tape Award goes to these boys mentioned in the USA TODAY...

Four tardy students at Wyoming East High School put a new spin on that old our-school-bus-ran-late excuse — it was their rafts that ran late.Coben Thorn, Adam Fulford, Eric McKinney and Jarrod Brewer decided to take advantage of a two-hour class delay on April 16 and travel to school by raft. "It was something we'd always wanted to do," Thorn said. Riding in two small rubber rafts, they made their way down the Guyandotte River with homemade paddles constructed from sticks, cookie sheets and duct tape. However, they miscalculated the time required to make the eight-mile trip and missed their first class. "The water was extremely cold," Thorn said. "By the time we got to school, we were shaking."

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