In thirty five minutes, I will wake up Jackson and Grayson and thus begin the intricate social dance that we do in order to get everyone to the car pool in time. Jackson will be ushered directly from his room to the shower, where the real waking up begins for him. Grayson will find his way directly down the hall to a perch on a stool at the counter. Just as important as Jackson's Shower Ritual is Grayson's daily Breakfast Sacrament.

Yesterday's breakfast was amusing. Gray, who's usually easy to please, had a request: Orange juice, a bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup and two pieces of toast, one with apple butter and another with butter, cinammon and sugar. I pondered for a moment and said "Sure." For whatever reason, he was surprised....I guess he was just excited to get exactly what he wanted. He even mentioned it last night at bedtime - a big impression made on a little boy, and a lesson taught to his father about asking and getting from God.

This morning I was reading of the persistant widow who cried out to the judge "grant me justice against my adversary". Unlike the judge in the story, God is not an unbiased screener of pleas. He's more like a willing father who wants us to have what is good for us, and when we're already asking for what's good for us (justice, wisdom, things that align with His will) it's usually just a matter of time rather than 'will He or won't He?'. He will....He really will.

Props go out to Adam Mosley this morning...VCC's Children & Students Worship Coordinator (or something). VCC's in day 3 of our Fifty Day Experience, and Adam wrote today's e-devotional. Great job, Adam. Others - sign up today and walk the road with us. At last count there were 1800+ on the journey.

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