I'm hanging out in the Song of Solomon lately, and ran across a great word: Verdant. It's used in chapter one to describe the marriage bed of God and man.

ver·dant ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vĂ»rdnt) adj.
1) Green with vegetation; covered with green growth.
2) Green.
3) Lacking experience or sophistication; naive.

There's something great about that picture of our intimacy with Jesus...it's innocent in a world where what we call love rarely seems to be. Lots going on in my life right now, and yet when I turn to God I find a freshness...perhaps a little ackward at times, but at least it's not stale...it's verdant.

I'm enjoying an email conversation with a friend and blog reader that I met at last year's tribute to the fallen NYC firefighters held at Burning Man. Leslie works with SEAL, the Society for Experimental Art and Learning...a great acronym that I regularly mess up when trying to tell people about it! Leslie, his wife, Cory, and his father-in-law, David cruised the playa in a golf cart with Larry Harvey and I. It was a highlight of my week. It's a long way from growing up on a farm in North Dakota to cruising the desert in a the middle of the night with a Manhattan artist and a San Franscisco cultural icon. :)

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