I just ran across MSN's ratings of the top 10 free attractions in major cities across the US. Being a cheapskate, I investigated the Cincinnati listings, and here's what I found.

Top 10 Free attractions in Cincy

1. Krohn Conservatory
2. Newport on the Levee
3. Sawyer Point
4. Bicentennial Commons
5. Fountain Square
6. Jungle Jims
7. Spring Grove Cemetary
8. Winton Woods Park
9. Findlay Market
10. Public Library of Cincinnati

Now, I love this town...but how does it feel when the top ten free attractions in a city the size of ours include such things as a graveyard, a grocery store and an attraction that technically is out of state?! :) Nominate your own top 10 Cincy attractions in the comments section...they have to be free, and they have to be north of the river.

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