Good morning to my world wide web of electronic buddies. Both of you.

Last night was officially The Night to Catch Up on Sleep. It was a long time coming - I'd been going on 4 or 5 hrs/night for three weeks. We had a friend over for dinner last night who looked at Kelsey and I and said "You guys are exhausted...I'm going home and you're going to bed." We crashed at 9:30 PM...and my body woke up at 2 AM, convinced it was time to get up! (after all, that's been a full night's sleep for a while!). I think I woke up again at 3 and 4 but went right back to sleep...it felt plenty good.

Had lunch yesterday with my friend Tim, who loves me enough to say "I'll help you...but you're not making any sense...you might want to think that idea through before you present it again!" You've gotta love people who care enough to lend a hand regardless of the need and are honest enough to point out our weak areas so we can brush up on them. And I promised that next time I explained the situation, Kels would be there to help. :)

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