Back to work today....Monday was a lazy day off. Had much to do. Didn't do it. And I don't even feel bad.

This week I've managed to schedule myself a little lighter - I need the time to get ready to speak this weekend at VCC. By the way, don't forget to visit the website to sign up for the Fifty Day Experience. It's going to be fun. I heard that every fifth sign-up gets a Visor Treo. Or something. Don't quote me on that.

Talked to Aaron from The International House of Prayer in Kansas City today...he called as he roamed the acres of Walmart with his lovely wife, Christy. He's talking about the necessity to keep the truth of their mandate while learning to communicate it to an ambivilant postmodern generation...considering a glossary of terms for newbies. I hereby offer to lend him one that Adam Mosley and I coined: "eBaynium": a new element in the universe - anything easily converted to cash on eBay to help support intercessory missionaries. Not to be confused with the Burning Man term, "Obtainium": anything given to you to complete your art project, or "Trade-ium" - something you don't need but you know someone else will, so you take it anyway so you can swap it later. When we church planted, we built our whole sound system out of these three elements. And Gaff tape. Can't forget Gaff tape. It's like duct tape that went to college.

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