As my boys dress for school, allow me to sing the praises of school uniforms.

You've got your blue or your white shirt, short or long sleeved, polo or button up. You've got your optional school sweatshirt or sweater. You've got your blue pants. Put any combo of those babies together and you are OUT the door, no questions asked. No arguments about buying Levi's with pre-worn holes in the rear end or the latest Tommy shirt that sells for $47.50 even at a garage sale. I know some people go bazerk against school uniforms, insisting that we're stealing the childrens' sense of expression or creativity. All I know is that at 6:30 AM, I'm not having a discussion about what to wear for school...And if you're really all that concerned about their creativity, see the post from 4/3/2003. It does not appear to be suffering.

I heard on CNN that the Iraqis are still denying that we're in Baghdad. I'm waiting for them to say that they are collecting American captives and holding them at Sadaam International Airport....

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