What a weekend - we hosted a team from the International House of Prayer/Kansas City who came to do a conference hosted by their Cincinnati counterparts. Well, given that the Cinci team does it four hours a week and the KC crew has maintained a prayer/worship presence 24/7/365 for nearly four years, perhaps describing them as a counterpart is a little over the top...but you get the idea. Anyway, they're going where we want to go, they're just further down the road. Someday. Soon.

Quote of the weekend came from Aaron, a 26 year old from New Zealand who handled the teaching two of the night - "I grew up in a classic pentecostal home where whatever my mother was wearing was reflective of what God was doing on the earth that day...when she wore a maternity dress to church, she told the pastor it was a sign that God was birthing something....". If you don't get it, you're too evangelical.

I see we may have pegged a RAF fighter plane with our own fire. That is not going help Tony Blair at all.

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