My pledge to you: I will not blog about the war today. I will not mention that the Iraqis turned mortar shells on their own people yesterday or that the US Marines were delivering water to thirsty children in a neighborhood less than 2 hours after intense fighting on those same streets. Never mind that the children were thirsty because the Iraqi army shut the water off days ago. Neither will I mention that I was screaming at the TV last night when I was forced to watch Canadian Broadcasting coverage on CSPAN while the US networks aired mind-numbing sitcoms (SCRUBS?!?! Peoples' sons and daughters are under fire and you're showing SCRUBS and American Idiot/Idol?). And pay no attention to my noticing that, if all you watched was Canadian news, you would think that only England had troops on the ground. None of the above will be blogged about today. Sorry.

It's the final night of Alpha tonight, and likely my favorite talk to give - the role of the church. Most of our attendees have neutral feelings about the church, and some are downright negative....it's great to show them what the church could be rather than what it has been and put a little fire in them to get involved.

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