I took a little trip to Lawrenceburg this morning...no, I didn't go to the Argosy Casino (although at 9 AM I saw busloads of people pulling in there) but rather went out to the Lawrenceburg Vineyard to teach. Tony Vaughn is a friend/church planter who has been out there less than a year. They're meeting in a great building - the Lawrenceburg Adult Center (the Adult Center's motto...no kidding: Alive and Kicking!). Had great fun with those folks who are battling it out on the front lines. Also drove the mighty Trooper out there on it's longest voyage in the week I've owned it....about 100 miles round trip and no major parts fell off. Long live eBay.

I'm currently interviewing people for an open position on our staff and coming to the quick conclusion that I am a particularly crappy interviewer. I need to do more co-interviewing with our Staff Development people to get the hang of it. I end up asking questions like "Do you like cheese? Are there any wicker items in your home?" I think it's probably connecting to being highly intuitive...pretty quickly I have a sense of "this is a possibility" or "this is a bad match" and have a hard time motivating myself to press past my impressions to either confirm or refute them.

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