FOOD RACE RESULTS: After all that work, Jackson won first place in his class for unique ingredients. He was also quite pleased that his food car actually made it to the bottom of the track before the axles broke - something most of the kids couldn't say. His biscuit wheels with fruit roll up tire treads were a big hit.

I just got back from dropping the boys off at the carpool in the new Randymobile. SUV's seem to fall into two distinct catagories...the shiny ones with sporty wheels, power windows and cd players, and the ones like mine. Mine has that "been there, done that, lost the muffler" look. It's splattered with mud ever since Rusty and I made our failed attempt to ascend the mound of dirt in the parking lot. An SUV owner from the first catagory would wash it immediately. Anyone with an SUV the caliber of mine knows that washing the truck throws off it's equilibrium. Zoom, zoom, indeed.

My good friends at Burning Man heard of my misfortunate loss of the Burning Man-stickered Volkswagon and mailed me a fresh supply of stickers for the Trooper. I particularly like the "Black Rock City Community Services" sticker. Thanks, Jessica!

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