This morning, in the mystic place I'm drawn to by the coffee, a bagel, a worship cd and gas log fireplace, I began to get a sense of reality that I haven't seen in a while. Sorry if your theology or experience doesn't line up with mine, but I have a growing belief that the demonic often masquerades as the really irritating or inconvenient. After all, we know how to deal with those things...we dismiss them. The enemy would love for us to dismiss those he has a grip on, because in our dismissal, they become less and less likely to ever know freedom. I think it was C.S. Lewis who wrote about the ploy of the enemy to minimize his own existence in order to lull the Bride into complacency. I can think of several times when I've just wanted people to go away...but the Father probably wanted them set free. Maybe that's why they crossed my path...maybe it wasn't about irritating me, it was about liberating them. Perhaps this life isn't about my comfort and convience after all...

Father, forgive me for walking past situations You have ordained to show Your power because I was too self consumed to invest myself.

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