Greetings gang. Thanks for muttering through my weekend weirdness of posting after drinking a fifth of nyquil. I have survived...am not back to 100% yet but feeling better. Kelsey is still feeling pretty rough...needs more rest.

I have been inundated by people asking for pictures of my family. Okay, that's a lie. No one's asked, But hey, don't like it? Get your own blog. Here's the crew.

Zion - now 18 months and the Master of Cheese.

Grayson - five yrs and too clever. Shown here hot-tubbing in the Smokies on Thanksgiving with the Geverdt kids.

Jackson - my retirement, if all goes well.

My beloved wife, Kelsey, packing Z of course...

and myself, when apparently the angel of the Lord has lit upon me with the gift of something or other.

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