Does Kindness Work?
If you've been around our city long, you've seen people handing out cokes, cleaning restrooms and washing windshields to show people the love of God in a practical way. Periodically, people wonder "does this stuff make an impact on anyone?" Peer into my email box for a moment - these are quotes from email I've gotten in the last week from Burning Man attendees who we served with a bottle of water...

I always expect any christians at an event like that to be holding up signs warning me of my doom. I really enjoyed reading your reasons for going, definitely made me think about mine.

You are a breath of fresh air, sharing genuine spirituality IN the context of the church rather than IN SPITE OF the church.

I'm curious, have your progressive views ever gotten you into trouble with the church hierarchy, or have you encountered any resistance from within?

You probably did more in 10 minutes to change my opinion about Christianity than any other person. I'm not saying im converting, but I am sure more friendly to the idea. I think if more people had your opinion about faith, the world would be a much better place.

You conveyed the essence of what I respect about Christianity and made a
distinction--the "go and do church" that I'll keep forever.

You know, I left the church (more like kicked out actually) because it
was the antithesis of what you decribe yours as being. No one I ever
knew there ever harbored or practiced their faith in the way you

I was one of those "veteran" Burners (7 years) that happened upon your camp in 2002 and was, at first dumbfounded and then wonderfully taken aback by the things I saw in your camp. Just a friendly group of people (who just happened to be Christians) sharing with their neighbors in Black Rock.

All I can say is that, if all the worlds' Christians were like you then this planet would truly be 'Heaven on Earth'. You guys are beautiful.

I think it's working.

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