When Your Kid's Got Convictions

Huh. Took the boys to their first rehearsal for the local childrens' musical today. When we left, they were both pretty agitated with the storyline. I don't remember the title, but it's a fairy tale. The story has Jackson (9) under a spell for most of the production, and he was not amused. Grayson (5) was quick to announce "It got witches and I don't like it." They want nothing to do with the production...putting their mother and I into an interesting position.

DISCLAIMER: I don't think for a second that the producers or director of the show have any intention beyond giving our kids an enjoyable experience. This isn't about sinister motives, it's about little boys' discernment that something is just quite right. Suddenly I feel more like Homer Simpson than Sherrif Andy Taylor. D'oh.

We've decided to honor the boys' wishes. We work hard to hone a razors' edge in these kids. We pray with them. They see us fast and talk the talk....now that their convictions are demanding they act, I'm not going to dull that edge. I think they'd be fine to go ahead and do the production...but I also want them to learn that it's fine to announce "sorry gang, I don't go there".

For the time being, they may be remembered as the little boys who dropped out of the local play, but one day...just wait. Wait 'till littlest brother, Zion (18 mo.) gets up and running. These little guys are going to kick the gates of Hell in and declare it conquered territory.

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