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Time:  9:00 AM

Altitude:  Ground Level

Has anyone noticed that the Dayton airport has a killer website?
 I know - big deal - it's just funny to me that it's as good as it is.
 Cincinnaitians tend to think of Dayton as an extreme suburb (an X-burb)
but it prettty much functions on it's own.  My gripe with the website
is that it says that credit-card parking allows easy access to the terminal....as
if the Iditarod offers easy access to the other side of Alaska.

Time:  11:11 AM

Altititude:  30,000 feet

I think we're decending into St Louis...if not, then the plane
is angled precariously and I have need to be concerned.   I'm flying
one of those American Airlines regional jets - one seat on the left, two
on the right.  They actually asked one guy to move a row back for take
off.  That's encouraging.  To cloudy to see squat - I'm hoping for
clearer weather out west over the mountians.

I'm experimenting with writing in Netscape's composter, formating it,
and then asking it to reveal the html and copy-pasting the whole mess to
blogger later when I get on the ground.  We'll see how it works.  

Been getting some fun feedback on the Burning
Man article
....including one fellow who had been burned by the church
and referred to himself as a 'christian in exile.'  Ouch - poignant
term.    I say we sponser a church-wide Amnesty Sunday...anyone
who's ever left can come back, no questions asked.  We'll forgive them
and they'll forgive us and no one will live in exile anymore.  Why
don't one of you readers get to work on that?

Time:  1:17 PM

Altittude:  20,000 feet and climbing

Off the ground after leaving what may be certified as the Dreariest
Airport Ever, Lambert Field in St. Louis.  I grabbed a nutrious (?)
pizza for lunch.  Glad I did.  This appears to be a pretzel-only
flight.  We're flying in heavy clouds - can't see for squat, which is
sort of a bummer.  Perhaps we'll break out of them and at least I can
see some blue sky, if not the ground below.

Time:  2:21 PM

Altittude:  30,000 feet +

Allow me a moment to sing the praises of dual batteries in my Dell.  I've
got enough horsepower in this baby to jump start my Volkswagon, allowing me
to continue to write while flying 2/3 of the way across the country.  
I'm not sure exactly where we are.  My internal GPS says somewhere over
western Kansas.  I think it would be a good federal project to go ahead
and install huge dotted lines along all the state borders so that people in
airplanes could know where they are at all times.  It's odd - the lines
are on the map, but they don't seem to appear when you're looking down from
an airplane.  Makes one wonder how our forefathers ever knew where the
state borders were to begin with, doesn't it?

It looks as if the sky is breaking up ahead - that's good news.  Flying
in clouds always reminds me of that old Far Side where the pilot says to the
copilot:  "Check it out - what's a mountain goat doing up here in the

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but the girl two seats over has just consumed
her second Bloody Mary.  She is very relaxed, and has been reading the
same page in that magazine for twenty minutes.   Perhaps the words are

While I'm thinking of it - Kudos to Rick for getting me the cd's from the
Catalyst conference.  Negative Kudos to me for forgetting them on my
desk when I left yesterday.  Sure would be good to have them to listen
to now.  

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