Blessed art those who know they don't know all the answers.
Met in a group format with Kevin Rains today. Kevin is the leader of a network of home churches here in Cincinnati, a great thinker and a heck of a fun guy. He shared with the rest of us - primarily conventional church folk - what it meant to home church. I learned much - and most appreciated his "aw shucks" approach, saying, in effect, "there's all sorts of things we don't do well...this is just who we are". I was also fired up about his thoughts on the ease of planting simple churches...he spoke of lowering the bar on church planting, which really resonated with me. This guy is the real deal - if you're in Cincy and haven't connected, do so. You'll be richer for it, and you can usually con him into giving you some time by bribing him.

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