It's the last day of the year and most of the world is out partying. I'm partying myself, albiet in a different mode.

Kelsey is in Kansas City at the The Call - I'm here with the boys. Jackson and Grayson are playing Tony Hawk's Skateboarder on a borrowed PlayStation. It's borrowed because Kels and I are members of a little known sect called The Electric Amish. We're allowed such frivolous entertainment once a year, so long as the player we select performs his skateboard tricks in long pants. They're having a ball and I'm going to whoop up on the winner.

2002 passed in a WHOOSH. This time last year, I was New Guy at the Vineyard. I'm still Fairly New Guy, but beginning to feel like I can find my way to the water cooler without a pdf map. Zion went from six months to eighteen...his talents have exploded beyond exploding in his diaper to jabbering in some unknown tounge. Jackson and Grayson started school in August (4th grade and Kindergarten) while I was off cavorting in the desert. Kelsey has developed more and more in what God's calling her to regarding a house of prayer. If 2003 holds as much change for us as 2002 does, I'm tired already. Knowing God, it probably does.

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