It felt so good to sleep in a little this morning. I'm basically a morning person without the sense to go to sleep on time, which usually leaves me dragging in the evenings but too dense to know why. All was well in the world today getting up at a blessed 7:15 AM.

I'm off to meet with our church planting interns in a little while. Great group of guys just dying to get out there and do the stuff. Two of them are having their first outreaches today in their areas...it's pretty exciting. Reminds me that so much of the planting process is learning how conventional ministry didn't prepare you very well for planting. The core skills needed are different...even though I'd had a lot of success as a staffer at a conventional church, none of it transfered to planting. I felt like I was in kindergarten.

And speaking of kindergarten...yesterday I spoke at my boys' school chapel service. I couldn't believe how these 150 k-5 graders behaved...they never made a peep. While the director of the school was making announcements, she spoke w/o a microphone and in a low voice, yet we heard her in the back. I asked Jackson later "is it always that quiet there?". He said "Mrs. Stacher made it pretty clear on the first day that that was the way she wanted it." Hmmm. A lesson learned.

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