I'm back in the land of the living.
I've been persona non bloggis (it's latin, really) for a few
days as I taught this weekend at church. There's something about teaching the same thing five times in one weekend that makes you feel like it's Groundhog's Day. Someone emailed me to ask how it went...about all I can say is 'no fatalities'. When you teach, it's rarely as bad as you think it was...and rarely as good as you think it was.  If God used it, good deal.

Saturday night after church, I called Kelsey on my way home...she was at some friends where they were worshipping and letting the kids run amok. I got there about 9 pm and joined the party - what a great time to hang with people you love.  One of our close friends has been writing music on the sly...most people didn't even know she played the guitar. With much encouragement, she finally played and sang a few of her worship songs for us. By the third time throug we were all singing along - it was great. Kudos to Jen for being vulnerable and leading us in worship.

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