I have seen it all

I was wrapping presents yesterday afternoon at the mall...The Vineyard wraps presents for free every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to show people God's love in a practical way. Our wrapping place is right at the base of an escalator. While looking out towards the mall, I hear a KAAAAAAAWHAM! and turn to see something rocketing down the escalator. It was going so fast that I couldn't identify it, but I thought it was a stroller...I run out of the wrapping booth to check it out when KAAAAAAAAWHAM! Here comes another one...turns out to be two dipteen year old kids sliding down the escalator on hard plastic snowsleds! They hit the marble floor at about forty miles an hour, scooted to a stop, grabbed there sleds and ran...

Thanks to Tom Planck, Rick Brown, Dan Broaddrick, Jerry Ittel and others who were wrapping with me....much fun in the name of Christ.

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