Having recently been impressed by Doug Hill's 12/15 post, 100 Things About Me, Tom Planck's Ten Things I Discovered This Weekend, and Steve Sjogren's weekend message on My Biggest Mistakes of 2002, I feel compelled towards uncharacteristic vulnerability. Traditionally, I keep my cards pretty close to my vest, but these guys have inspired me to take the plunge into the abyss of transparency (which is near the cliffs of insanity, by the way). However, this being my first attempt at total online gut level honesty, I'm not quite ready for entire transparency. Instead, I offer you:

15 Things about me, including 7 of which are totally untrue:

My first car had a 350 V8, four barrel carb and full race camshaft.
I have three wonderful sons, ages 9, 5 and 1.5.
There is green cheese in our fridge that wasn't green when we bought it.
I have family all over Canada that I tease about being socialists.
I once drove nonstop from Miami, Florida to Boston, Massachussets.
I wore out three copies of Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA.
Kelsey is my first and only wife.
I had an eighth grade math teacher who swore she was abducted by aliens.
By the time I was nine I had already killed a deer.
I struggle with coveting Steve Sjogren's PowerBook.
I read four or five books at a time and wonder why it takes me forever to finish one.
I can't draw any better than my 5 year old.
I haven't worn a belt in two years.
Given my choice, I'd take salad over steak every time.
There were Bohlenders on the MayFlower.

Take your best guesses, friends.

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