Children of the 80's Unite!
I was in Zion's room getting him down for a nap this afternoon...we play a radio softly in the background to chill him out a little. It's set to a station that plays MOR 80's stuff so repetitively that it's almost funny - yesterday I had the radio on for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night and heard the same Bruce Hornsby song both times! Anyhow, I'm trying to get Z down for a nap when a song comes on....I instantly recognized it from High School. Remember Back to the Future? It was the song that Marty (Michael J Fox) played with his band when they auditioned for the prom gig. If you'll remember, a teacher in a bad suit and funky glasses stood up with a bullhorn and told them "Sorry, you're just too loud.".

TIME FOR A CONTEST: What was the song, and who was the teacher (in real life)? First person to post the right answers (both right answers) in my comments section will win a minor portion of fame and five karma points that were bequeathed to me by some spacey guy at Burning Man.

In an additional contest with no prize whatsoever...what band did Bruce Hornsby sit in with for a while on the road in the early 90's? Hint: it's not The Range.

Answers in 24 hrs if no one gets them right.

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