Anyone catch Pat Boone and Rick Warren on Larry King Live last night? If not, click here for the transcript.

Long story short, Pat Boone's grandson, Ryan, is in his early 20's. Eighteen months ago, he fell through a skylight to the floor 40 feet below, smacking two railings on the way down. He was in a coma for quite a while - doctors pretty much gave up hope. Now he's slowly regaining his motor skills and speaking a little. Pat Boone, Ryan, his mother, and Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Community Church, were on talking about the power of life in Christ and the purpose of pain in our lives - it was fantastic. Probably the best presentation of Christ I've seen in the media. If you know Rick, high five him for me. Sometimes I don't think he checks my blog for weeks... :)

Donut Update -
We distributed 14,400 donuts to the crowd on Christmas Eve for them to share with others to show them God's love in a practical way...it went great. Emails are just now arriving telling us the stories. One of my early favorites:

Here is what happened to my family on Dec 24th, while we were handing out our donuts. We went to finneytown to go to Grady's Vet Center. We went into the Emergency door because that was the only door open for service. After we walked in a girl popped her head around the corner. She asked if she could help us. She had quite an interesting look on her face, interested by the Krispy Kreme box. I said, "Well, we are from the Vineyard Community Church and we are showing God's love in a practical way by giving you these donuts and to also thank you for serving tonight."
She laughed with relief and told us, "I was wondering what was in that box.I thought it might be a turtle or something. People bring in animals in in boxes like that."

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