Frequent blogging guests will notice that I somehow got my comments section up and running. Now you can leave notes - how fun is that? Truth is I cut and pasted the html code in...didn't even know if it was in the right spot. Days later, the comments started working. Go figure.

We're prepping for the Griswald Family Vacation in the Smokies for Thanksgiving. We'll caravan down with Rusty and Jen Geverdt, who we also vacationed with (along with Steve and Terri Eklund) last summer. My guess is it will be the same temperature at Thanksgiving in the Smoky Mountains as it was on the Carolina coast in May...but at least we'll be dressed for it. I expect lots of late night board games, etc. Should be fun. I think the cabin has a pool table...if only it were a pingpong table....

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