Okay, this feels weird and I can't explain why. Turns out Chevrolet is sponsoring a Christian music tour....3rd Day, Michael W. Smith, and others will play at "Chevrolet Presents: Come Together and Worship". Again, I am not making this up. It opens the brain to all sorts of special edition Chevy's (and the question What Would Jesus Drive?). I can see the showroom now...The Disciples 12 Passenger Van. The Astro becomes the Cellestial. The Blazer becomes the John the Baptist TrailBlazer. I am taking submissions for other models.

Paul Wellstone's funeral drew 20,000 Minnesotans last night, 16,000 into a main hall and another 4,000 in overflow. Those numbers sound impressive but one must take into consideration that it is late October in Minneapolis, and all that one needs to do to fill a venue is turn the heat on...it will fill to capacity within minutes. I heard this morning that there are partisan rumblings about the content some of the speakers' remarks. I'm no Wellstone supporter by any means, but for crying out loud...it was HIS funeral. When the grumblers die, we promise to say something nice about them too. It's the Funeral Way. Apparantly the crowd booed Trent Lott and other Senate leaders...more of a show of Minnesota's lack of respect for the moment than anything else.

I'm meeting Church Planter Extraordinaire Charlie Matthews for lunch. Charlie and Angie are great folks...their enthusiasm is infectious. I can't wait to see what God has for them in the next twelve to eighteen months. Drop me a line and say howdy. rb

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